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Shows to come . . .

Click Here to Print PosterOctober 28 (Saturday) @ House of Blues - Masquerade Bash by Groove International (21 and over only) See Ad by clicking Image. . .

Date TBA @ Angel City Cafe, All AgesFor more current information go to our FB events page.



Available CD

EP/Single CD "RIPPLEaffect" . . . Available! The CD will be hitting stores in So. CA area and through the Internet world wide - via, and now and at other E-Stores soon! But, the CD is available NOW for purchase ($5.00) from our Web site and at all our shows. For more see the Merch page. Check out B.o.H.s pre-released clips, posted on We have posted "Ripple Affect", "Carry", "Giver" (Re-mix) and "Free" for you to listen to and share with your friends. We have added links to the “Lyrics and Sound” page. Check them out. For more on purchasing "RIPPLEaffect" see the Merch Page.

New Stores. . .Where to buy "RIPPLEaffect" and "Project 'N'" in CD or digital singles format. See below or check out our Ordering page for other stores or Internet stores. We will be adding many more outlets in the months ahead . . . Thanks for supporting BOH!

Blog from the Band

BOH will be in studio again. . . Since we have just finished the first leg of the full CD, On this Side Of The Ocean,which will be released on June 27, we are going back to studio to begin drum tracks on the final 7 song. There will be so much new music to share and just plain want to play. Of course after the EP, a full fledge CD will be released as well. No final title name yet for the project.

All that to say, our EP/CD will be released on the 27th of June (next week). So to say the least, we are focusing on getting the word out to all. It's been a really long 2 years to get this happening., but we are here. . . "On this Side of the Ocean" will be available at various e-Stores and our hardcopy CD will be available right away at any of our shows. Also, you can visit our Reverbnation Page to be the "first to Listen" to the 5 songs (and poem). You may be able to support BOH by purchasing the mp3s there. ReverbNation/brandofhero

More to come on this topic . . .

INTRODUCING NEW BAND MATES. . . We have gotten a new addition to the band. . . well you already know we have returning lead guitarist, Matt Rizzo who played bass and lead in the past with BOH.

Also, we are now annoucing drummer Chris Mohney (Mohnz) who played and toured with Idle Hands on Warp Tour and Hellfest back in early 2000s, will be joining the band. We are really looking forward to working with him. We will start getting him involved in the recording here shortly, as well. And Jenny Torres has joined us as bassist. Bio information to come. . . .


Special Events
Red Nose Day ComingDon't forget to continue to donate. . . I don't believe you can buy your Red Nose (or wrist band) at your local Walgreens anymore but you can still donate to the cause, and join a national event to help lift children out of poverty. It's a little way to help a little hand in need. RED NOSE DAY

Sign in on the B.O.H. Guest List . . . Via our Myspace page at . . . . You can add yourselves to our friends list and B.o.H. to your friends list. . . Check our music and images at

Brand of HERO's  Myspace page Art Anthony's Facebook page Brand of HERO's Twitter pageAlso, don't forget to visit us at these other fine portals. . .

(Special Info)

Support and Prayer Needed for Hurricane Harvey Relief

With the tragic hurricane current events happening before our eyes in the mid south, namely Houston, Texas and the surrounding communities and towns due to Hurricane Harvey and Now Irma with Jose in their wake. . . I felt we needed to do something. One was to post something on our BOH site about Hurricane Harvey. Two was to give, if not in going to Houston to help now, in our funds. We choose to give now instead of later. However, through time my wife and I may go to on a relief team in the future to help, since Houston will need assistance for many years to come. This has become an unprecedented disaster of modern times and has affected (if not devastated) millions of people's lives.

Right now Saddleback Church is currently serving the people of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey (Now Irma). When you give to Saddleback's PEACE Relief Fund, all monies given, 100% is going towards strengthening a network of churches throughout the affected areas. These churches, along with Saddleback volunteers, will begin the long process toward healing and hope. No one is taken a vacation with the money given. This is an all volunteer relief.

All Saddleback relief teams have been assisting in worldwide and local relief for more than three decades. We (my wife and I) have been a part of the Katrina teams to go to the after-math a year later. We were glad to go then. Specifically, Saddleback teams work with the local churches to assist in the serving of displaced and suffering refugees through compassionate work and help. For more information in giving and what you can do NOW please visit the attached Saddleback Church, Hurricane Relief button. Whatever you do . . . DO SOMETHING NOW!

Along with this you can give in a more practical way by giving supplies: Sleeping bags, Blankets, Pillows, Towels, Cots, Water, Pet food, Baby Supplies, Trash Bags, Diapers (Adult & Baby), Baby Medicine, Formula and Bottles, Portable Phone Chargers, Cleaning Supplies, Non Perishable Foods, School Supplies, and Toiletries (all types) Visit the Relief site for more information on how to get your items to distribution centers.

Also, we are listing other organizations that are helping currently and we will add more as the time goes along. . . . "How to help Houston after Hurricane Harvey"

American Red Cross . . . Donate Now!

HoustoSPCA . . . Animals matter too.

These are just a few. more to come. . .

Also, please continue to pray and help by Donating. . . Philippine Relief

PHILIPPINE RELIEF . . . American Red-Cross Relief Fund

B.O.H. to pre-released Announcement . . .

BOH has pre-realeased their 5 song EP/CD on June 27, 2017. The EP/CD is called "On this Side of the Ocean". The pre-release will be available via E-Stores, such as ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic, Apple music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and others. We will be updating our MERCH page shortly, in order to give a full listing of all the E-Stores. To say the least . . . WE ARE VERY EXCITED!

The 5 songs and poem on the album (EP/CD) will be, in order, Souls, A Child's Sincere Prayer - spoken by Bella Bryson (a version the poem "A Christian's Prayer" done many years ago and a has since be redone many different ways . . BOH has their verson), My Lament, Palms Over, and A Moment (withyou).

Yes, BOH is still in the midst of recording their full CD. This will be a 12 song CD that will be named at a later date. More to come on that CD in the near future. BOH is hoping to release that album sometme early next year, 2018. You'll love the new releases when they get done. Again, stay tuned on this and we will let you know as soon as we get some pre-released leaks.

RADIO PLAY . . . B.O.H.'s "RIPPLEaffect" and "GIVER" (re-mix version) recently added to Almighty Metal Radio onair rotation .. . AMR began Live365 on January 2003. Two extensive collections of Metal and Hard Rock, with a spiritual message - And with the expanded playlist of 100's of tunes, which will be broadcasts 24/7. Please visit and listen in . . .

BOH invited for an interivew on OC For more . . . Visit OCRockRadio's site to listen to our archived podcast. Click Here

For more info and other radio stations where you may hear us, see the airwaves page.

New Links & Stuff

Brand of HERO at ReverbNationNow you can know more imformation on booking BrandofHERO on ReverbNation at this link. Also, you'll find more on tickets to shows, other shows and more. . .




Life Hurts for You. . . Studies show that 1 out of every 4 adults in America will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives. It is no secret that because of life's circumstances and hurts people are facing and a high stress level, people are struggling more. Studies also have shown that 3 out of every 4 people are women that will try to commit suicide. It is a startling realization. However the case, there is Hope for those that reach out reach and people are willing to help those that may be struggling with depression or even mental-illness.

Saddleback Church has started different forums for this important matter in conjunction with You may visit this site for more information how you can get help and how you may want step in help too.

Also, Saddleback is partnering up with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, This is a great non-profit organization wanting to step in and help those in dire need of some hope and direction. Also, a telephone hotline is available that one can call if needed. Call 1.800.273.TALK (8255) and through Texting, text at "HOME" to 741741 as needed, a person is available to take your call.

Need Purpose in your Life? After everything that has happen these last few months and years, you know, with everything going on with the housing/real-estate market and banking crisis, not forgetting . . . not to far in the past, the World Trade Center disaster . . . where are you with your JESUS connection. Also, more than ever people have developed an addiction of a sort, whether relationally or substance related. More and more people need support and need help. Are you going it alone? If you want more information about getting recovery, visit the "Celebrate Recovery" Website on how to celebrate life and peace through sobriety and know that God really does care about you. Please visit

Afraid to talk about the "P" word. . . I felt this would be an amazing site to go to for those of us that struggled (or have) with an addiction to visit porn sites via your computer. . . We are an advocate to fight this kind of addiction, only because it is so rampant in this day and age, even to the point that 9 out of 10 kid's have viewed some sort of computer porn in the US alone. This site is not just for teens, but for parents, and adults to know how one can combat this sort of thing from taking place. . . Just admitting that there is a struggle is half the battle to begin the healing that is needed. While it's uncomfortable to talk about this subject, it's a reality that we must face. . . Here are some statistics.

The average age of someone finding porn online is 11. -90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online, most while doing homework. -Sex and Porn are among the top 5 search terms for kids under 18. -Only 3% of adult web sites require age verification. -Fewer than half (48 percent) of U.S. parents set parental controls on their family computer.

So with that said please check out the website to inform yourselves in an unconfrontaional way to start solving this issue . . . As adults we can help to stop this trend from escalating. So check it out. . .

  Just a simple note from Brand of HERO. . . This Website and the band B.O.H. (BrandofHERO) is an Indie funded institution, administered by Jacob's Vow Music (JV Music). JV Music and the band does not receive any outside funding from any Record label or otherwise. Yet we believe in providing you the best in Indie music we can create, produce or manufacture. We make no claims of greatness or supremacy in the industry. B.O.H. is just one band trying to make some sort of difference to one person at a time, one day at a time in this world at large. We give thanks to the one who gave us this gift of music, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Any and all support is appreciated by purchasing our products available, visiting our Websites, Myspace, facebook, and twitter pages, coming out to see us play or just simply by supporting us through your many prayers. Thank you and Peace!

Homepage update: 09.25.17.

If you have any questions or would just want to contact us for any reason please feel free to E-mail us at Keep the Faith,