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EP/CD Release - RIPPLEaffect . . . Award winning "RIPPLEaffect" - OCMAs 2004, for "Best Hard Rock band" of the year is a hint on what's to come from this cross-over band with a possitive message. The CD will be hitting more stores in So. CA area, and through the Internet world wide - via CDBaby.com, Amazon.com and now TowerRecords.com and at other E-Stores soon! But, the CD is available for purchase ($5.00) from our Web site and at all our shows.

We are working out some details with the various stores. Please visit our Order-Stores page for updated information. The CD will have the 4 songs are as follows: "RIPPLEaffect", "Carry", Redo of "Giver", and "Free".

This CD release was intended to give you a glimpse of what's to come on our next CD- Which will be our full-fledge project. Bob Burch has done a great job producing the first of 12 songs. As you may know, Bob Burch (CO-produced and technician of East West's CD "The Light In Guinevere's Garden" , did the producing on this project. The CD project is titled "RIPPLEaffect" for the CD/EP single release. B.O.H. is a band with a mission and their latest CD/EP album RIPPLEaffect models that purpose. The band has grown musically in this release and has fine-tuned their eclectic rock style of music. The title song, RIPPLEaffect, is an alternative modern rock tune for those who want to rock out, with a melodic side for those deep thinkers. It has a feel of Incubus meets U2 and a little Remy Zero.

The second song, Carry, is an acoustic song with an edgy guitar and great rhythm on drums and percussion and a great bass line in the back. It's an alternative song that sounds a little like Red Hot Chili Peppers gone Latin mixed with Dave Matthews Band. The song, GIVER, is a re-mix and re-tracked song from their first album, Project N. The band wasn't happy with that version and felt it was worth the effort to give it another shot. This song has a Lit feeling to it with the grungy guitars and melodic vocals and happy lyrics. The song was featured on the radio station 95.9 FM in January 2003. B.O.H.'s two main vocalists, Art Anthony and Joey Heshion, explode with bold and sincere lyrics and with dynamic verses that rock. The album's main goal is to communicate a simple message through the lyrics, while providing a modern mainstream sound to the listener. The band is up-front about expressing their own hearts and past experiences, relaying a relatable positive message of love, mercy and grace.

Any comments or questions please E-mail us at boh@bohmusic.com.


Pre-releas - IMPACTO 2 . . . B.O.Hs newest CD addition is a pre-release. . . Three of the songs were pre-released as the EP/CD "IMPACTO 2" in 2008. The three songs: Believe, Palms Over and Simple Song have been getting some great interest, via Internet play and radio, such as OCRockRadio.com, ZFM (Australia), iSPINIT radio (Rock 001), PODONOVER, INTROradio, and other stations. So this is only the beginning of this project and we will continue. "The finished album will be more along the lines of Audioslave meets Lit meets Nirvana, and may throw in some Collective Soul, that's if you want to compare," said Art, lead vocalist. Although B.O.H. gets inspiration from other bands, they have a unique sound all their own. "B.O.H.'s next album project 'Title to be announced at a later time', is sure to make a big impact, "because we will put our souls and hearts into each song and on the line for this one . . . so we want to make our best. This CD is only currently available for purchase ($5.00) from our Web site and at all our shows. Check or Money only via the order form. . .via Email, see above.


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